At BioInteractive Technologies, we believe that everyone deserves to be able to complete their jobs and go about their lives without pain or discomfort.

Our wristband, TENZR™ helps people that have suffered from a hand injury regain the use of their hand faster and more effectively.

TENZR™ is a patent pending wristband that detects the use of the hand, allowing the patient to take control of their recovery process and helping healthcare providers get better outcomes for their patients. 

Hand Injury Rehabilitation and Prevention



Lukas-Karim Merhi



Lukas has four years of startup experience in biomedical technologies and is well networked with R&D institutions and government funds. BIT is his second startup. Lukas has also had the privilege to lead Canada’s only team to the world’s first Cyborg Olympics, Cybathlon, in 2016.

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Gautam Sadarangani



Gautam has five years of Medical Device (Class III) Product Development experience. He is also well versed with managing cutting-edge R&D projects and IP development. Gautam also has a masters in the core-technology powering TENZR, and is the first person to have evaluated the use of our technology on monitoring hand-use in individuals with stroke.

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