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Weighing only 45 grams, the wristband is a unique solution that embeds sensors into a smart strap that measures tendon and muscle movement. When the user does not detect strain, TENZR™ will.

The platform is currently being evaluated by clinicians in promoting hand movement in stroke rehabilitation of the upper extremities.

TENZR can be used to detect finger movements and hand gestures.

Its algorithms can predict and detect gestures by using machine learning algorithms. The sensing technique does not measure electrical signals therefore it is accurate and reliable.

The platform can replace any Bluetooth enabled controller like a TV remote, presentation clicker and VR|AR Controller.



TENZR™ is useful in farming to detect the way grapes and various berries are harvested.

The way a farmer picks the fruit is recorded and through haptic feedback prevents damage of the fruit and revenue loss to the farm.



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