TENZR™ in this application is being used as a hands-free and camera-free gesture recognition wristband controller for a virtual darts game. It features custom sensors that detect the state of the hand when the dart is released. 

Weighing only 45 grams, TENZR™ wristband is a game-changer in user experience, as it frees the users' hands from bulky button-based controllers and requires minimal training. UNITY3D compatibility makes it a plug and play solution for any VR platform.


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TENZR wristbands are being tested at the Virtual Reality Laboratory (VRLab) Astronaut Training Facility at NASA Johnson Space Center in Texas, USA.

TENZR is a unique wearable wristband that uses custom sensors embedded in the strap to detect hand gestures. NASA is evaluating their use as hands-free and camera-free controllers in their VR training setting.


Biointeractive Technologies Inc. also offers other products like HABIT4™ Home Automation.

HABIT4™ is a Home Automation platform that allows you to control your devices at home in a more natural and intuitive way.

HABIT4™ is currently in Beta development. We invite partners and developers to start working on the next generation in human-machine interfaces using our custom software libraries.


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