We believe everyone deserves to complete their jobs and go about their lives without pain or discomfort.

Our mission is to empower individuals suffering from hand, wrist and forearm impairment and remove the uncertainty in their recovery process, by providing objective data and guidance, using our novel wearable sensing technologies.

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TENZR Digital health sOLUTION

The TENZR digital health solution comprises of a smart wristband, that can track wrist and forearm angles, hand use, and give biofeedback; and a companion mobile application for patient coaching.


Lukas-Karim Merhi



Lukas is a serial entrepreneur well versed in raising early-stage funding (dilutive, and non-dilutive) to enable translational research and commercial R&D. Lukas has a Masters in Biomedical Engineering (Biophotonics) and led Canada’s only team to the World’s first Cyborg Olympics, where he used the same technology that powers BioInteractive Technologies’ devices to enable intuitive control of a prosthetic limb. Lukas also has experience in the Healthy Consumer Packaged Goods Space, via a family business.

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Gautam Sadarangani


President & CTO

Gautam is well versed with strategic management of product development projects based on novel/inventive technologies in start-up environments. He is experienced with the development of (Class I - Class III) medical devices, and patent protection. Gautam was previously the Associate Director of Systems Engineering/R&D at Lungpacer Medical Inc. Gautam has a masters in the core-technology powering TENZR, and is the first person to have evaluated the use of our technology on monitoring hand-use in individuals with stroke.

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