Custom Gesture Recognition

BIT offers full-service design and development of custom gesture recognition solutions for VR|AR, IoT (Industrial, Agricultural, Retail), and Healthcare using its TENZR Wearable Platform.

How can we help:

  1. Detect custom gestures for the purpose of controlling devices/machinery

  2. Count or measure frequency/duration of specific hand activities/actions

  3. Provide data analytics on gestures for workflow/process optimization

Why us:

  1. We have a unique wearable platform, TENZR, that uses proprietary technology to detect the state of the hand

  2. Our team has over 20 years of combined experience in gesture recognition based on our core technology

  3. We follow a customer driven, comprehensive product development process to deliver solutions on time, spec, and budget

Process of collaboration:

  1. Meet and interview client to understand pains and requirements of proposed solution

  2. Draft statement of work                              

  3. Commence project

  4. Deliver solution 

  5. Refine solution based on customer feedback

  6. Ongoing support